2017 Swift Current Car Show Aug 18-20, 2017

The 2018 Riverside Run
is coming up in …

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2018 tickets on the (Prizes To Be Announced) are only $5 each!
Act fast …
Only 2,000 printed! Get yours now!

The Eliminators Car Club would like to congratulate Gary Coombs on purchasing the winning ticket
1724 on our Eliminators Edition Car Trailer that we raffled off at the 2016 annual Riverside Run.

Check out last year’s prize!

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2017 Riverside Run
2016 Riverside Run
2015 Riverside Run
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Swift Current Eliminators Car Club
BACK ROW STANDING LEFT to RIGHT: Tim Heinrichs, James Gerrie, Gary Overle, Roger Malchow, Don Baille, Corey Schultz, Gary Coombs, Montie Williams, Nathan Seibel, Dustin Vipond, Harvey Weibe, Lawrence Ewert
FRONT ROW KNEELING LEFT to RIGHT: Chris Myhre, Brian Sharp, Ron Schultz, Andy Toth, Doug Graham, Dave Peters .
MISSING: Dana Zacharuk, Mel Knockaert, Darrel Schruder, Randy Schultz
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Swift Current Eliminators Car Club