The Eliminators Car Club was incorporated in June of 1970 by a young group of car enthusiasts.

The club holds weekly meetings on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. at the club garage. These meetings are open to anyone interested in joining the club or participating in club events.
Eliminators Car Club
Mission Statement
Club Meetings

Baillie, Don
Coombs, Gary
Ewert, Lawrence
Gerrie, James
Graham, Doug
Heinrichs, Tim
Knockaert, Mel
Malchow, Roger
Myhre, Chris
Overli, Gary
Peters, Dave

Schruder, Darrell
Schultz, Cory
Schultz, Randy
Schultz, Ron
Seibel, Nate
Sharp, Brian
Toth, Andy
Vipond, Dustin
Wiebe, Harvey
Williams, Monte
Zacharuk, Dana

We have been unable to locate several past members and would like to post their names on the site to try to find them. Please contact the club if you have any information about:
- Steve Turner
- Dave Mitchell
- Cedric Clark
- Gene Allen

Current members:

Dave Peters

Vice President
Ron Schultz

Roger Malchow

Dustin Vipond

Current executive:

Since that time the Club has undergone many changes but still maintains the same basic objectives it started out with.
• To provide and encourage an understanding of the automobile, its functions and mechanical makeup.

• To provide facilities where members can build, repair and improve the automobile.

• To educate and inform the public in regards to the safe operation of the automobile.

• To promote an understanding of the aims and objectives of the membership to the public at large in order to close the gap of misunderstanding between the public and the driving youth as a whole.

• To provide friendship, good fellowship and mechanical understanding among members.

• To take an active interest in the civic, commercial, and moral welfare of the community.

• To provide a means and facilities for social communication between the members and to afford them all or any of the privileges and conveniences of a club.

Current members:

Missing members: